Clutch Slave Cylinder

1. Oil seal

2. Retainer

3. Piston

4. Piston seal

5. Spring

6. Locating dowel

7. Body

8. Bolt

10. Bleed valve

7. Remove the union bolt and sealing washers (Figure 82) securing the clutch hose to the slave cylinder.

8. Remove the clutch hose and let any residual hydraulic fluid drain out into the container. Dispose of this hydraulic fluid—never re-use hydraulic fluid. To prevent the entry of moisture and dirt, tape over the threaded bore in the slave cylinder.

WARNING Dispose of this hydraulic fluid— never re-use hydraulic fluid. Contaminated hydraulic fluid can cause clutch problems.

9. Remove the bolts (Figure 86) securing the slave cylinder to the crankcase and remove the slave cylinder assembly.

Disassembly/Inspection/Assembly "r~

Refer tt Figure 87 for this procedure.

1. Remove the spring.

2. Remove the retainer (Figure 88) from the top of the piston.

3. Place a shop cloth or piece of soft wood at the end of the slave cylinder against the piston.

4. Place the slave cylinder assembly on the workbench with the piston facing down.

WARNING In the next step, the piston may shoot out of the slave cylinder body like a bullet. Keep your fingers out of the way. Wear shop gloves and apply air pressure gradually. Do not use high pressure air or place the air hose nozzle directly against the hydraulic line fitting inlet in the slave cylinder body. Hold the air nozzle away from the inlet allowing some of the air to escape.

5. Apply the air pressure in short spurts to the hydraulic line fitting inlet and force the piston out. Use a service station air hose if you don't have an air compressor.

6. Remove the piston and seal.

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