Important Safety Rules For Tool

The tools in this list are specialized for particular jobs. Always use the correct size and type of tool designed specifically for the job being done. Keep tools in proper working condition. Failure to follow these common sense precautions could cause a serious injury to you and others. 1. Screwdriver blades are made to turn screws, and should never be used for other purposes. Worn blades, worn screw slots or use of the wrong size blade could cause the tool to slip with possible personal...

Crankcase Main Bearing Lap 9671040

For aligning right and left main bearing races and lapping. Also used to lap pinion shaft bearing race on engines with Timken bearings. 2 96717-40 Lap 1-1 2 FL, U - 1954 amp earlier 3 96718-40 Lap 1-3 8 1976 amp earlier XL, K, KH, G, WL also 1955 to 1957 FL 4 96718-58 Lap 1-3 4 FL - 1958 amp later 5 96727-56 Guide Sleeve, for fitting pinion shaft bearings FL 6 96728-56 Guide Sleeve for fitting pinion shaft bearings 1976 amp earlier K, KH, XL

Hd-96219-50 Locknut Wrench

For large retaining rings, such as on Hydra Glide Fork, etc. FRAME HEAD BEARING ADJUST- 96219-50 G ING CONE AND LOCKNUT WRENCH FL Fits frame head cone locknut and. head bearing adjusting cone. 9 64 in. Allen wrench for dual 1964 circuit breaker point socket type adjusting screws used on 1963 amp 1964 Duo-Glide.

Cylinder Hones

With Sunnen cylinder hones, you quickly refinish the cylinder walls, leaving them straight and round to within a guaranteed half-thousandth. Original alignment is maintained surface finish is ideal for new rings. Sunnen cylinder hones and stones needed to cover the complete range of cylinder diameters in Harley-Davidson engines are shown in the table. A portable electric drill furnishes operating power. You need no special training to produce a first class job. For information contact your...