General Information

This Parts Catalog has been prepared for your convenience when ordering parts for SPORTSTER Models XLH and XLCH. Wherever possible, parts are shown in assembly breakdown sequence. Index numbers shown in the illustrations correspond to index numbers in parts lists. Consult the illustrations when ordering parts so you are sure to get what you want.

Number in parenthesis following description of part is the quantity needed for complete assembly shown in illustration. If there is no number in parenthesis, only one is used.

Prices of parts listed in this catalog are published separately in the latest RETAIL PRICE LIST.

NOTE: N/A following description of part indicates part is no longer available from the factory. Do not attempt to order these parts from Harley-Davidson.

The following instructions should be followed carefully when ordering parts:

• Specify the correct part number for each item. Check the "Used On" column of the parts list which shows the model on which the part fits. Whenever in doubt, refer to the Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) stamped on the engine crankcase and frame.

Two types of serial numbers are used:

1. 1969 and earlier: Serial number is located on the engine left crankcase. The first five or six digits represent the year and model — the same as shown in the "Used On" column in this catalog.

2. 1970 and later Serial number (V.I.N.) is located on the engine right crankcase and is the same as the frame number located on the right side of the steering head.

The V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) for SPORTSTER models are as follows:


First Two Digits (Model)

Next Five Digits (Sequential Number)

Second Last Digit (Manufacturer)

Last Digit (Model Season)

0 0

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