Adjusting Clutch Spring Tension


On Electric Start XLH Models, remove battery cover and disconnect ground wire from battery (-) terminal to prevent accidental starter operation.

Adjust cable length by turning clutch cable adjusting sleeve (hand lever end of cable housing) so that clutch releasing worm does not quite return against its stop. This will hold clutch hand lever in its fully extended position at all times. Turn clutch release rod adjusting screw (7) inward until clutch hand lever has 1/8 of its full movement free before clutch starts to release. This can be checked by a slight increase in tension on the clutch hand lever as it is being moved to the released position. Tighten clutch release rod adjusting screw lock nut (6), without disturbing the setting of the adjusting screw.

See Fig. 4B-7 and proceed as follows. Remove left footrest (1), stoplight switch (2) and rear brake foot lever (3). Secure stoplight switch out of working area without disconnecting wires. Place an oil drain pan under clutch and remove front chain cover screws (4), cover (5) and gasket (not shown).

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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