Aligning Fuel Shutoff Valve Fittings

When a left tank has been repaired the fuel shut-off valve should be realigned using Gas Shut-Off Valve Tool, Part No. 96365-42. The tool aligns top and bottom holes and correctly spaces them so the fuel shut-off valve operates without binding.

The tool consists of four parts: 1. Aligning bar; 2. T-Handle; 3. Spacing Handle: 4. Stop Sleeve.

Use the tool as follows:

Remove left tank from motorcycle and disassemble all fuel fittings. Shift spacing handle in aligning bar so larger portion marked "aligning" is through hole. Turn aligning bar into bottom hole in tank and bend bottom of tank as needed to make end of bar line up with top hole in tank. Insert T-handle end fitting through top of tank and turn in part way.

Back out aligning bar until spacing handle may be shifted to portion marked "spacing." Turn aligning bar and spacing handle into each other until they are tight. Strike T-handle several sharp blows with hammer to square to tank fitting.

Remove tool and assemble valve rod and tank fittings.

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