Assembling Crankcase

1. See Fig. 3E-20. If spring ring (16) has been removed, install a new one in left case. Position left case on arbor press, clutch side up. Press outer race (13) in case until it bottoms against ring (16).

2. See Fig. 3E-31. Position flywheel assembly in vise and grip pinion shaft between copper jaws. Install screw (1, Fig. 3E-30) and with a 1 in. I.D. x 3-1/4 in. long steel tube under driver (2, Fig. 3E-30), install Timken bearing half (7, Fig. 3E-20) on sprocket shaft. Be sure bearing bottoms on shaft shoulder.

If an arbor press is available, bearing may also be

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Figure aifi-31. Installing Bearing (Right Half) and Spacer pressed on shaft with a 1 in. I.D. x 6 in. long steel tube. Be sure to use Flywheel Support Plate, Parf No. 96137-52, in between flywheel halves.

After pressing bearing tight against the flywheel, install bearing spacer (12, Fig. 3E-20) on sprocket shaft.

3. See Fig. 3E-32. With screw (1, Fig. 3E-30) installed on threaded end of sprocket shaft, place left crankcase (bearing race installed in case) over end of sprocket shaft, seating bearing race against Timken bearing half (?) and bearing spacer (12, Fig. 3E-20). Lubricate bearing with engine oil and insert Timken bearing left half (11, Fig. 3E-20) on screw (1, Fig. 3E-30) tapered end of bearing down.

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