Assembling Cross Shaft

With cross shaft (14) correctly positioned in frame tube, insert shaft arm in brake rod clevis and install pin (16). Insert washer and new cotter pin (15) in pin (16). Connect chain and install exhaust system.

See Fig. 2G-13, and proceed as follows: Adjust cross shaft adjusting screw (1) so that with screw against its stop on frame, the top of the cross shaft arm (2) is slightly back of center of the rear fork pivot bolt (3). Under no conditions should the top front of the cross shaft arm (2) be closer than 1 -1/2 in. to the rear of the relieved portion of the transmission sprocket cover (4). Assemble brake pedal on cross shaft. If pedal does not position correctly (almost touching footrest), re-adjust cross shaft adjusting screw (1) so that cross shaft splines and brake pedal are correctly positioned. However, adjustment should be made so that cross shaft arm (2) is always moved to the rear, never closer to the transmission sprocket cover (4). After final adjustment tighten cross shaft bolt lock nut (5).

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