Assembling Ignition Light Switch

Apply a light coat of grease to head of roller contact retainer, lock plate, roller contact and contact buttons on switch mounting plate.

Assemble parts in reverse order of disassembly. If lock cylinder had to be removed from case for repair or replacement, it must be replaced in correct position or switch cannot be locked. To reassemble correctly, insert lock cylinder into housing with tumblers in any one of the four registers. While pressing cylinder into housing with fingertip, insert key and turn clockwise as far as possible. Remove key and complete assembly.

BUTTON switch

This type switch is used for momentary closing of circuits to horn, magneto or starting motor and is located on handlebar. Terminal has either one or two wires. Two types of switches are in use (early and late type). See Figure 5C-1A.

To disassemble the early type switch, remove screws (1) to free housing. Remove terminal assembly (2) from housing (3) with a screwdriver. Remove spring (4), contact plate (5), and button (6) from the housing.

To replace the early type switch wires, unsolder the old wires and solder new wires onto the terminal assembly. Assemble in reverse order of disassembly.

To disassemble late type switch, remove screws (1) from housing. Pull remaining parts from housing as an assembly.

To replace the switch wires, unsolder or cut wires from contacts. The wire ends should have about 1/4 inch of insulation stripped off.

Lead one wire through cup, lower contact, plastic washer and spring to upper contact. Be sure parts are arranged as shown. Insert one wire end through center of upper contact, spread strands out flat over contact and solder. Lead second wire through cup and solder to lower contact.

Insert button and assembled parts in housing and reinstall switch on handlebar.

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