Assembling Transmission

See Fig. 4D-19. Install retainer ring (15) and retainer (14) in access cover. Insert springs (8) into slots of support (7). Position carrier (6) in support (7). Insert right and left shifter pawls and springs (9) into their respective sockets, top ratchet engaging grooves facing each other. Hold spring loaded pawls in place with a thin spoke or knife blade and assemble cam (5), carrier (6) and support (7) with shims (7A) (if used). With "TruArc" pliers install washer

(4) and new retaining ring (3). Hold down one pawl at a time with knife blade and operate cam (5) to make sure pawls are free and correctly engaging with ratchet of cam (5). Shims (7A) are used to adjust height of shifter assembly to dimension shown in Fig. 4D-19A to assure the operation of shifter forks.

shim as required using quantity of .010 thick shims (7A, fig. 4D-19) necessary to obtain 3-1/2 in. dimension measured to cam surface as shown.

Figure 4D-19A. Pawl Carrier Support Shimming Dimension

See Fig. 4D-20. Supporting access cover on arbo. press table, install clutch gear (10) into ball bearing. Assemble thrust washer (16), second gear (15) and gear spacer (14) on countershaft (17). Assemble drive gear (13) on shaft. Make sure gear (15) turns free. Install countershaft group in access cover. In one move, install mainshaft second gear (1) and shifter fork (10, Fig. 4D-19). Slip fork on shaft (16, Fig. 4D-19) finger roller stud positioned towards access cover and fork finger engaged in running slot of gear. Repeat operation with second fork and countershaft third gear (12), finger roller stud positioned away from access cover.

Install finger rollers (11) on shifter forks and insert cam followers (12) and spring (13) in follower (14, Fig. 4D-19). Be sure cam follower (12) is free in cam follower retainer (14).

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