The front chain should be checked every 2000 miles for correct adjustment. Check chain adjustment through oil filler opening located near the top of the chain cover. A correctly adjusted front chain should have free up-and-down movement in the upper stand midway between engine and clutch sprockets as follows: Front chain adjustment: 5/8 to 7/8 in. chain slack with cold engine; 3/8 to 5/8 in. chain slack with hot engine. To adjust chain, disconnect battery cable from starter motor, remove left footrest, and rear brake foot lever. Place an oil drain pan under clutch and remove front chain cover screws, chain cover and gasket.

The front chain is adjusted by means of a shoe underneath the chain which can be raised to tighten or lowered to loosen the chain. The chain adjuster is secured to the inner surface of the chain compartment by 3 bolts (XLH) or two bolts (XLCH). Simply loosen bolts and raise or lower chain adjuster. When chain is correctly adjusted tighten bolts securely and reassemble remaining parts.

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