Checking And Changing

Oil mileage normally varies from 250 to 500 miles per quart depending on the nature of service, fast or moderate driving, and how well the engine is kept tuned.

Remove tank cap and dip stick and check oil supply at least every 300 miles after each complete refill, or more often depending on condition of engine. Tank capacity is 3 quarts ("FULL" mark on dip stick). Do not fill above "FULL" mark, as the tank needs some air space. When oil is down to "REFILL" mark on dip stick, one quart can be added. Never allow oil level to go down to "DANGER" mark on dip stick. Tighten the cap securely to prevent leakage. Oil runs cooler and oil mileage is somewhat higher with oil level well up in the tank. Furthermore, unless oil tank is kept well filled, frequent checking of oil level will be necessary to avoid any chance of running dry.

Use proper grade of oil for the lowest air temperature expected before the next oil change period as follows:


Use Grade

Air Temperature (Cold Engine Starting


Medium Heavy

0 0

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