Checking Flywheel End Play

Before completely disassembling the crankcases, it is recommended procedure to check flywheel end play to determine amount of sprocket shaft bearing wear.

To check flywheel end play, remove cylinder heads, cylinders, clutch cover, gearcase cover and timing gears. Do not remove or loosen compensating sprocket assembly. See "Disassembling Crankcase."

Anchor dial indicator base firmly on right or left side of engine crankcase with indicator stem against end of pinion shaft or compensating sprocket shaft nut. Rotate flywheels and at the same time, push and pull on pinion shaft reading travel of dial indicator in thousandths of an inch. If end play exceeds maximum specification limit as shown under "Specifications," Section 3A, sprocket shaft Timken bearing must be replaced. Also, see "Cleaning and Inspection."



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Figure 3E-18. Removing Sprocket Shaft Extension

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