Checking Frame And Field Assembly

Due to the internal wiring and connections of the frame and field assembly, there is no satisfactory field test to determine grounded or shorted field coils. If field coils are required, it is necessary, due to the method of installing field coils in this assembly, to replace the frame and field assembly. To test for open field coils, using a test lamp, place one probe of test light against the frame. Place the other probe against each of the brushes attached to the field coils. If test lamp fails to light on one or both of the brushes, an open circuit is indicated.

Insulating sleeve Commutator end frame Drive end frame Armature

Frame and field assembly Pole shoe screw (2) Terminal nuts, lockwashers and insulating washers Terminal screw Set of field coils with insulated brush Pole shoe (2) Brush holder (2)

13. Grounded brush

14. Brush holder mounting screw (2)

15. Brush holder mounting nut and lockwasher (2)

16. Brush spring (2)

17. Insulated brush holder set

18. Insulator

19. Grounded brush holder set

20. Insulated brush

21. Bushing

22. Thrust washer

Figure 5L-8. Delco-Remy 2 Pole Starter Motor - Exploded View

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