Cleaning And Inspection

Before re-assembling, clean and inspect all parts. Rough check the rear fork for correct alignment. Dimensions shown in Fig. 2F-40 will provide enough information to determine if fork is far enough out of alignment to require re-aligning or replacement. Straightening a badly bent rear fork requires special tools and fixtures for holding, bending and gauging. If facilities are not available locally, damaged rear fork can be returned to the factory for repair through any authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

Check the rear fork bearings. If the inner or outer bearing race is badly pitted, replace bearing assembly.


Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly. Attention should also be given to the following instructions:

From outside of fork press or drive bearing shield (13) into position, flush with inner fork side. From outside of fork insert bearing spacer (11), shoulder facing in. Apply a heavy coating of grease to bearing (12).

Figure 2F-40. Rear Fork Dimensions
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