Crankcase And Transmission Assembly Procedure

The following assembly procedure should be followed only if the crankcases have been separated, an operation normally performed in conjunction with a complete engine overhaul.

Position left crankcase ride on workbench with transmission compartment facing up. Proceed to assemble transmission shifter mechanism, mainshaft and countershaft groups as described in "Assembling Transmission."

To establish correct transmission mainshaft and countershaft end play, temporarily assemble right and left crankcase sides together, less flywheel assembly with two upper and two lower case bolts. Then, follow the procedure for establishing correct end play as described in "Establishing Mainshaft and Countershaft End Play." Disregard instructions pertaining to removing and installing access cover.

When transmission is completely reassembled and correct tolerances established, continue to reassemble crankcase as described in "Assembling Crankcase," Section 3E. Fill transmission compartment with engine oil as described below.

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