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See "Stripping Motorcycle For Engine Repair," Section 3A, steps 1-5, 7, 24-27 and "Removing Cylinder Head Assembly From Engine," Section 3B.

See Fig. 3C-16, and proceed as follows: Clean crankcase around cylinder base to prevent dirt from falling into crankcase when lifting cylinders. Remove cylinder base stud nuts (1). Raise cylinder and piston just high enough to permit placing a rag over crankcase opening; this will prevent dirt and possibly pieces of broken ring from falling into crankcase. With piston at bottom of stroke, remove cylinder (2), discard cylinder base gasket (3). Spring piston rings (4) outward until they clear grooves in piston (7) and lift off. Pry piston pin lock rings (5) from piston (7) groove using two sharp pointed instruments such as awls. Support piston and tap out piston pin (6) with a suitable drift.

Remove piston pin bushing (8) if necessary (see "Cleaning and Inspection") using Piston Pin Bushing Tool, Part No. 95970-32. Do not drive bushing out with a drift unless rod (9) is disconnected and well supported around piston pin hole.

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