Disassembling Crankcase

To completely disassemble the crankcase, follow steps 1 - 13.

1. Remove cylinder heads as described in "Cylinder Head," Section 3B.

2. Remove cylinders and pistons as described in "Cylinder," Section 3C.

3. Remove clutch and clutch release as described in "Clutch," Section 4B.

4. Remove the starter as described in "Starter," Section 4C.

5. Using Sprocket Shaft Extension Puller, Part No. 96015-56, remove sprocket shaft extension (1, Fig. 3E-20), as shown in Fig. 3E-18. For models equipped with a solid sprocket, use Claw Puller, Part No. 95635-46.

6. Remove tappets, tappet guides, circuit breaker or magneto, gearcase cover, timing gears and generator as described in "Gearcase," Section 3D.

7. Remove the oil pump as described in "Oil Pump," Section 3D.

8. See Fig. 3E-19. Free the speedometer drive unit from the right case and remove right crankcase bolts (1, 2, and 3) and stud nuts (4). Remove bolts (5), battery carrier (6) or oil tank bracket on magneto models, engine rear mount (7 or 7A), studs (8), and top center crankcase stud (9).

9. Position crankcase on work bench, gearcase side up. Tap crankcase with rawhide mallet to loosen top half. Separate right case from left case side.

10. See Fig. 3E-20. Remove snap ring (2) from pinion shaft with tip of screwdriver. Lift bearing washer (3) with bearings (4) and retainer (5) off pinion shaft.

11. Remove transmission as described in "Crankcase and Transmission Disassembly Procedure," Section 4D.

12. See Fig. 3E-20. Mount flywheel and left case assembly on press table supporting crankcase on parallel bars. Press on end of sprocket shaft with arbor press until flywheel assembly (6) is free from case. Do not drift or tap flywheel assembly from left case as flywheels may be knocked out of alignment.

13. See Fig. 3E-20. If it is necessary to disassemble flywheels or remove Timken bearing from crankcase, free right bearing half (7) from sprocket shaft, using Sprocket Shaft Bearing Puller, Part No. 96015-52, as shown in Fig. 3E-21. Secure pinion shaft between copper jaws in vise. Place hooked ends of puller

Figure 3E-19. Crankcase - Exploded View

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