Establishing Mainshaft And Countershaft End Play

Temporarily select the thinnest variable low gear washer (Fig. 4D-20) and mainshaft third gear washer (3) and install in their respective positions. Install washer (3), ear of washer down as positioned in transmission compartment, using grease to hold in place.

Temporarily install access cover to crankcase with all transmission parts. Carefully align cover on dowel pins and with a rawhide mallet, gently tap cover into position. Secure access cover with four cap screws (2, Fig. 4D-15).

Using a dial indicator, check end play of mainshaft (2), gauging from sprocket side of shaft. Move shaft back and forth and measure end play. With access cover still in place, measure end play of countershaft from access cover side using a dial indicator. Bend a discarded spoke and wedge in countershaft (17) end hole. Pull and push countershaft and at the same time, measure amount of end play. If end play of either transmission mainshaft (2) or countershaft (17) is not within .004 to .009 in. limits, it is necessary to remove access cover and install correct size variable thickness washers (3 and 19) to obtain correct fit. Variable size washers are available in .050, .055, .060, .065, .070 and .075 in. thickness.

With mainshaft and countershaft end play established, center the gear shifter lever arm shaft (17, Fig. 4D-19), so that it will engage with gear shifter pawl yoke when access cover is in place. Make sure lever arm is correctly engaged with shifter pawl yoke by lightly rotating countershaft (17) and testing for engagement.

With transmission and access cover assembled, install 23 mainshaft rollers (4, Fig. 4D-20) in bearing race using grease to hold in position. Install roller bearing washer and roller bearing retainer ring (32 and 31).


Install foot shift lever and shift transmission into fourth gear. See Fig. 4D-15. Install gasket (6), oil seal and retainer (5) and screws (4). Do not tighten screws (4). Temporarily position sprocket (3) on mainshaft to correctly locate retainer (5). Remove sprocket (3) and securely tighten screws (4). Reassemble sprocket, lock washer (2) and mainshaft nut (1). Bend ears of lock washer (2) against head of nut (1). Install release rod end, and chain. Tighten nut (1).

Install starter as described in "Starter," Section 4C.

Install clutch as described in "Clutch," Section 4B.

Fill transmission compartment with engine oil as described in "Lubrication," paragraph following.

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