one wire) -one wire) -two wires) one wire) -two wires) two wires)

Black Black

- Red and green Black Red and green Red and green three wires) - Red wire with black tracer, with yellow tracer, black wire with red red wire tracer

II. Conduit (two wires)

Green and red

1. Horn switch - Two black wires

2. Headlamp - -Black wire with red tracer and red wire with yellow tracer

3. Headlamp dimmer switch - Red wire with black tracer, red wire with yellow tracer, black wire with red tracer

4. Ignition cut-out switch - Black wire and red with black

5. Generator

"F" terminal - Green wire "A" terminal - Black wire

6. Light switch - Red, green tracer wires

7. Ignition ground switch lock

8. Voltage regulator -

"DF" terminal - Green wire

"D+" terminal - Red wire and condenser wire

"B+" terminal - Two red wires

"61" terminal - Black wire

9. Magneto - Black wire

10. Stop light switch - Two red wires

11. Tail and stop lamp - Red and green wires

12. Horn - Black wire

13. Capacitor - Center black wire connected to regulator "61" terminal

14. Grounding screw - Black wire

15. Speedometer lamp


Electrical - Wiring

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