The Sportster engine has a force-feed (pressure) type oiling system incorporating oil feed and return in one pump body, with one check valve on the oil feed side. The feed pump forces oil to the engine, lubricating lower connecting rod bearings, timing gears and bushings, generator drive gear, rocker arm bearings, valve stems, valve springs, push rods and tappets. Cylinder walls, pistons, piston pins and main bearings are lubricated by oil spray thrown off from connecting rods and crankshaft, and oil draining from rocker arm boxes through two holes in the base of each cylinder. The oil scavenging section of the pump returns oil to the tank from the engine and supplies lubrication to the rear chain through the chain oiler. An oil slinger on the generator drive gear, located in the gear case compartment, separates oil from air escaping through the breather tube.

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