On 1964 and earlier in a fixed position to spark timing only.

models a movable mounting to be turned to a retarded timing starting engine. Magneto is manually by turning left grip.

of the magneto is often believed to be the cause of engine difficulty arising from other sources, such as flooded carburetor, insufficient fuel or air, loose ignition connections, or a defective spark plug. Since a brief tion will often locate the trouble before the is reached, this should be done first. The should be opened only when it is certain that the ignition spark produced is unsatisfactory. This condition may be determined by ignition spark tests in the field.

With a properly adjusted spark plug in good tion, the ignition spark should be strong enc bridge a short gap in addition to the actual plug discharge. This may be determined by holding the end of the ignition cable not more than 1/8 inch away from the spark plug terminal with the engine running. The engine should not this is done. However, ignition tests any part of the system is wet are useless.

spark when the engine is not the two ignition wires from the spark plug terminals and hold the end of each wire, in turn, not more than 1/4 inch from the spark plug terminal, or the wires may be attached to a plug and the plug body grounded on the

Crank the engine and watch carefully for the discharge which should occur twice during the cycle. If a strong spark is observed when each wire is it is recommended that the magneto be elim-is the source of difficulty. If no spark occurs, the shorting button and circuit should be examined to it has not accidentally bee


Breaker should be checked for gap and con-Dndition initially at 1500 miles and every 2000 miles thereafter. Remove carburetor and

On early models having safety gap, be not to bend points (5) since 1 to give correct safety gap of 3/8 in. with magneto cover installed. Use a spare cover with a 1-1/2 by 1-1/4 in. opening and a 3/8 in. diameter rod to se figure 5F-6.

with late 1964

starter crank, turn the cam follower (8) is n (9). Check the gap be-(4) with a .015 in. wire feeler gauge. If it is not exactly .015 in. when cam follower (8) is on either of highest points of cam (9)

ignition timing.

To adjust the points, slightly loosen pivot screw (10) and adjustment screw (11). With a screwdriver adjust point gap by prying at location (12) to shift point base as necessary to change gap. When correct gap obtained, tighten screws (10) and (11). £ the gap to be sure it

Points that have not appear bright and not be interpreted as

Points that have not appear bright and not be interpreted as

Points that are burned or pitted should be renewed as described in of Parts."


Ignition is timed in the advanced position to occur when the front cylinder piston is 11/16 in., (45 de-3) before top

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