Generator Charging Rate

Refer to directions in "Generator Charging Rate,"

standard generator, except minimum charging rate should be 20 amperes.


Remove three fan housing screws (1), washers (2)

and fan housing (3). Turn off armature shaft nut (4) and remove lock washer (5) and plain washer (6).

Use All Purpose Claw Puller, Part No. 95635-46, to pull the fan (7). Remove key (8) (if used) from armature shaft.

Remove three fan baffle plate screws (9) and lift off baffle plate (10), fan spacer (11), fan housing spider (12) and end plate (13). Use Claw Puller to pull brush end bearing housing (14). Ball bearing (29) should come off with bearing housing and parts 30 and 31. However, the bearing sometimes stays on the shaft holding parts 15, 16, and 17, in place. In that event, do not remove bearing and go on to following procedure.

Remove terminal screws (18) and lift brush and spring assemblies (19) out of brush holders. At this point electrical checks to determine condition of field coils may be made (see "Testing Field Coils").

Drive clutch spring collar pin (20) out of clutch spring collar (21) on Duo-Glide, out of oil slinger (22) on Servi-Car. Slip clutch spring (23) and drive gear off armature shaft. Pull clutch (25) from shaft using All Purpose Claw Puller. Lift oil deflector (26) off shaft.

Loosen frame screws (27) about 1/4 in. and tap on ends to unseat frame end (28). Remove frame screws and pull frame end with bearing (29), gasket (15), oil retainer (16) and bearing shims (17) if there are any. In factory assembly, these shims are supplied as needed to center brushes on commutator. The usual assembly includes up to three spacing shims.

The armature (32) may be pressed out of the frame to release drive end ball bearing (33). If necessary spring ring (34) and felt grease retainer (35) can be removed.

There is no need to disassemble brush holders (39 and 47) from frame end unless test proves the positive holder is shorted, or unless they are badly bent or broken. If removal is necessary, turn out negative brush holder screws (36) and terminal screw nuts (40) to free all parts.

Do not remove pole shoe screws unless necessary to replace pole shoes or field coils. If necessary, turn out pole shoe screws (49) several turns, then tap on heads to loosen pole shoes (50) from keyed slots in frame before turning screws completely out.

Air intake shields (53) may be removed at any time convenient during the disassembly procedure.


Clean all parts except gaskets, felt grease retainer, armature field coils and brushes in cleaning solvent and blow dry with compressed air. Wipe armature, field coil and brushes clean with cloth dampened in white gas and blow dry with compressed air.

Examine all parts carefully for wear. Give close attention to condition of insulators, armature windings, field coil wrapping and surfaces of pole shoes nearest armature.

If play can be detected in ball bearings, replace them. Pack bearings, liberally with "Grease-All" grease before assembly of parts.

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