Figure 5T-6.

The cutout relay setting is not critical. The only requirement is that the relay close at a low engine speed.

At a very slow engine idle the voltage may fluctuate between zero and 5 volts. This is a normal condition.

3. With the regulator cover in place and the regulator at operating temperature, increase the engine speed to approximately 2700 RPM (45 MPH road speed) and read the voltmeter. If the voltmeter reading falls within the limits given in Fig. 51-1, it indicates that the voltage regulator is operating properly.

If the voltmeter reading does not fall within the limits given in Fig. 51-1, the voltage regulator must be replaced or adjusted according to manufacturer's Service Bulletin.

method i testing bosch regulators

12 VOLT SYSTEM WITH OR WITHOUT BATTERY Covers 1965 Sportster Models XLH and XL CH

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