Figure 3E-33. Installing Sprocket Shaft Spacer

4. Insert screw (1) with driver (2) in small end of spacer sleeve (4, Fig. 3E-30). Position sprocket shaft bearing spacer (10, Fig. 3E-20) on flanged end of spacer sleeve (4) with notched side of spacer away from spacer sleeve (4). Position this assembly with spacer against crankcase outer bearing race as shown in Fig. 3E-33. Assemble screw and driver on sprocket shaft. Turn driver clockwise until spacer is tight against bearing outer race. Remove tools and install sprocket shaft bearing spring ring (9).

5. Install oil seal (8), lip side of seal towards the spacer. Insert screw (1, Fig. 3E-30) through sleeve (4) and assemble on end of sprocket shaft. Install driver (2) and turn clockwise until seal is pressed into crankcase recess. Align splines and start sprocket shaft extension (1, Fig. 3E-20) on end of sprocket shaft. Insert screw (1) through shaft extension and tighten on end of sprocket shaft. Turn driver (2) clockwise until extension bottoms against bearing inner race (see Fig. 3E-34).

6. See Fig. 3E-20. Install bearing assembly (4 and 5) and washer (3) on pinion shaft. Install new snap ring (2) in groove of pinion shaft,

7. Reassemble transmission as described in "Crankcase and Transmission Assembly Procedure," Section 4D.

8. Apply a coat of non-hardening gasket sealer to crankcase joint faces. Lubricate pinion shaft bearing with engine oil and assemble crankcase sides together.

9. See Fig. 3E-19. Align case halves and assemble 3E-20

Figure 3E-34. Installing Sprocket Shaft Extension right crankcase bolts (1, 2, and 3), battery carrier (6), engine rear mount (7), stud nuts (4), bolts (5 and 8), stud (9), and speedometer drive unit.

10. Install transmission mainshaft sprocket as described in "Gear Box," Section 4D.

11. Install starter as described in "Starter," Section 4C.

12. Install clutch and clutch release as described in "Clutch," Section 4B.

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