1. Crankcase mounting bolt

2. Crankcase mounting bolt


3. Crankcase mounting bolt

4. Crankcase rear mounting stud and lock nut (3)

5. Engine rear mounting bolt and lock washer (4) (1966 and earlier), (2) (1967)

6. Battery carrier (1966 and earlier)

7. Engine rear mount (1966

and earlier) 7A. Engine rear mount (1967)

8. Crankcase bolt (2)

9. Crankcase stud and lock nut (center) 10. Crankcase (1966 and earlier) 10A. Crankcase (1967)

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

halves behind bearing, and slip round holding collar over outside diameter, down to bearing end. Engage puller screw handle in puller slots and pull bearing off by tightening puller screw against sprocket shaft center.

If left bearing half is to be removed, first pry oil seal (8) from crankcase. Use a pointed instrument such as an old spoke that has one end sharpened to a point. Remove crankcase outer spring ring (9) from groove in case, by prying end with screwdriver and inserting thin screwdriver or knife blade between spring ring and case.

Position left crankcase side on arbor press table, clutch side supported by parallel bars. Use right half of Timken bearing to press out sprocket shaft bearing spacer (10), bearing left half (11), spacer (12), and outer race (13).

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