If Engine Starts But Runs Irregularly Or Missis

1. Spark plugs in bad condition, or partially fouled.

2. Spark plug cables in bad condition and "leaking."

3. Spark plug gap too close or too wide.

4. Circuit breaker points out of adjustment or in need of cleaning.

5. Condenser connections loose.

6. Defective ignition coil.

7. Defective condenser.

8. Battery nearly discharged.

9. Loose wire connection at one of battery terminals, or at coil or circuit breaker.

10. Intermittent short circuit due to damaged wiring-insulation.

11. Water or dirt in fuel system and carburetor.

12. Gasoline tank cap vent plugged or carburetor vent line closed off restricting fuel flow.

13. Carburetor not adjusted correctly.

14. Weak or broken valve springs.

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