1. Adjusting screw

2. Adjusting screw lock nut

The quantity of oil needed to lubricate the rear chain is very small. The size of the opening (orifice) through which oil bleeds to the chain is regulated by the adjusting screw. Sediment and gummy matter, accumulating in the oil supply, deposit in and around this orifice and gradually decrease the oil supply to the chain. A chain that has been lubricated perfectly the first 2000 miles may run short of oil the second 2000 miles. For this reason, even though inspection indicates the chain is amply lubricated, it is advisable to blow away accumulated sediment and restore the orifice to its original size at intervals of approximately 2000 miles.

To clean rear chain oiler, proceed as follows:

1. Back out adjusting screw lock nut as far as possible.

2. Turn adjusting screw in until it bottoms on its seat. Count the number of turns needed to turn the screw in.

3. Remove adjusting screw and blow out orifice with compressed air.

4. Reinstall adjusting screw and turn it in until it bottoms on its seat.

5. Turn adjusting screw out the number of turns counted in Step 2 above, and lock in place with locking nut. This is the original setting.

The rear chain oiler should be set to permit oil to flow at a rate of 2 to 3 drops per minute. This setting is approximately 1/4 turn open for 1968 and earlier models and 3/4 turn open for 1969 models.

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