Pawl carrier springs (2) Pawl and springs (2) Gear shifter forks (2) Finger rollers (2) Cam follower Cam follower spring

Cam follower retainer Cam follower retainer ring Fork shaft Lever arm shaft Shifter shaft bushings (2) Shifter shaft oil seal

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 4D-19. Shifting Mechanism - Exploded View

To replace low gear bushing (23), simply press old bushing out and new bushing in. To replace clutch gear bushing (27) and needle roller bearing (28), first remove extension (26) with vise grip pliers. Drift bushing (27) from gear. Drift needle roller bearing (28) and washer (29) from opposite end of gear. Press new bushing into clutch gear shaft. Insert mainshaft in clutch gear and check to be sure shaft is .001 to .002 in. loose in gear. New bushing may-close up and require reaming to size. Use Reamer, Part No. 94829-42, for this operation. Install needle roller bearing and spacer, pressing on printed side of bearing only. Assemble extension to end of clutch gear using aluminum paint as a sealer. Install new oil seal and hub nut "O" ring.

Position mainshaft and then countershaft in flywheel truing device. Rotate shafts and with a dial indicator check shafts for bent condition. Shafts that are .003 in. or more out of true must be replaced.

Inspect mainshaft ball bearing (20). Tolerances of clutch gear in ball bearing and ball bearing in access cover are given in ''Transmission Specifications," Section 4A. If bearing is not within specification limits or is worn to the extent that it has appreciable play or shake, replace it.

To free ball bearing (20) from access cover, first remove and discard snap ring (21). Support access cover on arbor press and press ball bearing from cover. Apply pressure to outer bearing race during pressing operation. Do not drive bearing from cover using a hammer and drift, as damage to bearing is likely to result.

To reassemble ball bearing, reverse order of disassembly. Install new snap ring (21).

Examine all thrust washers and replace any that are badly worn or damaged.

Inspect rollers (4) and roller bearing race (30) and replace if badly pitted, scored or worn beyond fitting specifications.

To remove a badly worn bearing race, remove retainer ring (31) and roller bearing washer (32). Discard ring (31). Heat case surrounding bearing and drift race inward from outside of case. Press new race in until shoulder is against case inner surface. See "Transmission Specifications," Section 4A for correct fit of mainshaft right side roller bearing.

Replace needle roller bearings (33 and 34) if worn and not within tolerances outlined in "Transmission Specifications," Section 4A. Bearings are a press fit and should be removed for replacement of parts only. Apply pressure to printed side of bearing when pressing into position. Press needle roller bearing (34) into access cover 5/64 in. from inner side. (Oiler plug (22) is installed with oil hole up, as positioned on access cover, after countershaft end play has been established.)

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