Figure 3B-9. Valve Seat Specifications

Inspect push rod (1, Fig. 3B-6) for damage and wear. Pay particular attention to the ball ends. If the ball ends are worn and flattened replace the push rod, otherwise satisfactory tappet and push rod adjustment cannot be made and "upper end" push rod trouble is likely to be experienced.


To replace worn bushings (12), press or drive them from rocker arm. If bushing is difficult to remove, insert a tap (5/8-11 thread) into bushing. From opposite side of rocker arm, drift out bushing and tap. Press or drive replacement bushing into rocker arm, flush with arm end, oil hole correctly aligned and split portion of bushing towards the top of arm. New bushings should be line reamed using Reamer, Part No. 94804-57.

If the rocker arm pads show uneven wear or pitting, dress on a grinder, maintaining original curve. If possible, compare with a new unit during this operation to insure a correctly contoured surface.

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