Severe operating conditions at high air temperatures.

After a new engine has run its first 500 and 1000 miles, and at 2000-mile intervals thereafter, completely drain oil tank of used oil and refill with fresh oil. If the engine is driven extremely hard, or used on dusty roads or in competition, drain and refill at shorter intervals. Draining should be done while oil is hot. It is not necessary to drain the crankcase as it does not accumulate used oil. At the time of the first 500 mile oil change, and at least every second oil change thereafter, thoroughly flush and clean out tank with kerosene to remove any sediment and sludge that may have accumulated.


Oil pump may lose prime because of air trapped in lines after system has been drained and refilled with oil. On models equipped with oil pressure signal light, be sure light goes out within 3 minutes with engine operating at fast idle. On models not having oil pressure signal light, start up the engine and loosen plug in fitting at front of oil pump to allow about 3 ounces of oil to drain into can. This will allow any air in the oil feed line and passages to bleed out through the oil pump. Retighten plug after air has been bled.

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