1. Horn trumpet nut 8.

2. Horn cover screw 9.

3. Horn cover 10.

4. Horn wire terminals (2)

5. Bracket mounting bolt, 11.

washers and nut (2 each) 12.

6. Horn power pack

7. Horn trumpet mounting nut

Horn trumpet lock washer Horn trumpet plain washer Horn trumpet mounting rubber washer Horn trumpet Horn trumpet mounting rubber washer

13. Horn trumpet rubber mounting bushing

14. Circuit breaker cable bracket

15. Horn trumpet mounting bolt

16. Horn mounting bracket

17. Horn power pack support bracket

18. Horn adjusting screw and nut

19. Horn trumpet screen

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

power pack, causing poor volume and tonal qualities. Also, check horn button contact points for dirty or corroded condition.

4. Horn performance will be affected if dirt or water accumulates in the trumpet or horn pack diaphragm compartment. This condition will dampen action of the horn diaphragm affecting volume and tonal quality of the horn. Remove trumpet and power pack and clean out all scale and dirt. Shake out any accumulated debris from the power pack and reassemble.


To disassemble the horn, simply follow the order of disassembly as illustrated. When installing the horn power pack to the trumpet, tighten the power pack 2 - 2-1/2 turns on the trumpet stem before tightening nut (1). Be careful to correctly position all parts as shown to insure correct alignment of trumpet and pack.

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