Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 4C-2. Kick Starter - Exploded View Revised: 9-66 4C-3

If the kick starter crank (2) slips or partially engages when crank is rotated through its cycle, check for badly worn starter clutch teeth (18 and 6), damaged spring (8) or clutch gear (6) binding on spacer


Remove starter crank clamp bolt (1) and with a screw driver pry crank (2) from shaft. Press down on end of starter spring (3) and at the same time pry spring off shaft (11). Loosen exhaust pipe and muffler.

Remove transmission sprocket cover bolts (4). With a mallet lightly tap cover (5), at the same time pulling cover from shaft. Disengage clutch cable end from clutch release lever by moving lever forward (as positioned on motorcycle) and disengaging from lever.

Remove clutch as described in "Disassembling Clutch," Section 4B.

Rotate crank gear (12) to free starter clutch gear (6), spacer (7) and spring (8). Remove crank nut (9) and lock washer (10). Tap end of starter crankshaft (11) with a soft mallet to loosen from gear (12). Remove crankshaft (11), oil seal (13), shims (14) and thrust plate (15).

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