Carburetor bowl vent Low speed needle lift lever Choke lever Choke disc

5. Throttle stop screw

Figure 3F-9. Model M Carburetor Controls and Adjustments ing and all around carburetion will be better with low speed adjustment set slightly rich rather than lean. If necessary, make further adjustment on idle stop screw to obtain desired idling engine speed. Retard spark completely. If carburetor is properly adjusted, engine will continue to run evenly and smoothly, though more slowly.

During high speed operation, fuel is metered by a fixed jet which has no adjustment. However, the high speed needle may be used as "trimmer valve" to supplement the fuel flowing through the jet during extremely high speed operation (opened amount which achieves best results). It may be closed during operation at high altitudes to keep mixture from becoming too rich in the rarified air.


Disconnect carburetor from motorcycle as follows:

Remove air cleaner cover, element and back plate. Disconnect fuel line with strainer at carburetor. Disconnect throttle control wire.

Remove carburetor support from top center crank-case bolt.

Remove intake (choke) lever stud nut and washer. Twist intake lever off intake lever rod, and remove intake lever rod from carburetor.

Remove four carburetor fastening bolts and pull carburetor out to right.

Disassemble carburetor as follows:

Remove bowl lock nut (1), gasket (2), main nozzle retainer spring (3) and main nozzle (4). Remove bowl (5) and bowl cover gasket (6).

Figure 3F-9A. Model M Carburetor - Exploded View

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