Figure 3A-7. Engine - Right Side View (1967 Model XLH Shown)

gasoline lines (1, 2 and 2A) and remove bolts securing gasoline tank. Tank can then be removed from motorcycle.

Remove the following parts from right side of motorcycle.

2. Remove air cleaner assembly (3) including back plate.

3. Disconnect throttle and choke control at carburetor (4 and 22).

4. Remove top engine support bolt located at point (5). Be sure to note the number of shim washers between cylinder head bracket and frame lug; these will have to be refitted when installing the engine.

5. Loosen exhaust pipe port clamps (6). Remove two muffler clamps and free exhaust system from motorcycle.

6. Disconnect spark control wire from circuit breaker or magneto (1964 and earlier XLH and 1965 XLCH).

7. Remove generator and horn mounting screw (1964 and earlier XLH).

8. Remove starter crank clamp bolt (9) and with a screwdriver pry crank from shaft. Press down on

23. Top front end mounting bolt

24. Engine mounting bolts

25. Safety guard bolt hole

26. Battery (1967 XLH)

27. Battery carrier (1967 XLH)

28. Ground wire

29. Spark plugs

30. Horn cover

31. Wire

32. Support bracket and choke control (1966)

33. Support bracket bolt

35. Regulator ground strap

36. Engine mounting bolt

37. Oil tank

38. Foot lever and spring

39. Left footrest

Figure 3A-8. Engine - Left Side View (1967 Model XLH Shown)

end of starter spring (10), and at the same time pry spring off shaft.

9. Shift into high gear and remove footrest (11) and foot shift lever (12).

10. Remove transmission sprocket cover bolts (13). With a mallet, lightly tap cover at the same time pulling cover from shaft. Disengage clutch cable end from clutch release lever by moving lever forward, (as positioned on motorcycle) and disengage cable from lever.

11. Disconnect rear chain (14).

12. Remove oil return line (15) at oil tank.

13. Free oil vent line (16) at oil tank and oil feed line (17) at engine.

14. Remove breather pipe (18) and disconnect oil pressure switch wire (19) from switch.

15. Pull clutch cable (20) forward, (as positioned on motorcycle), until approximately 1 in. of cable remains in gearcase cover, at the same time press cable inward (towards oil pump), and down to free from gearcase cover.

16. Remove oil pressure switch from motorcycle with vise grip pliers.

17. With vise grip pliers, disconnect speedometer cable from speedometer drive unit (located under transmission sprocket cover).

18. Free speedometer cable from clip (21).

19. Remove lower front safety guard bolt.

Remove the following parts from left side of motorcycle.

20. Loosen, but do not remove, top front engine mounting bolt (23).

21. Remove three remaining engine mounting bolts (24) and lower front safety guard bolt (25).

22. Free tool box (1966 and earlier XLH model) by removing two phillips screws and one nut at base.

23. Remove battery tie rod support (1966 and earlier XLH model).

24. Disconnect ground wire (28) from battery terminal (XLH model), and spark plug cables from spark plugs (29).

25. On 1964 and earlier XLH models, remove horn cover (30) and disconnect three wires (31) from horn power pack. Free horn power pack from support bracket (32) and loosen nut securing power pack to horn trumpet (not shown). Remove power pack from threaded end of trumpet. Do not disconnect spark cable from trumpet bracket.

26. On 1964 and earlier XLCH and 1965 and later models disconnect horn wires and remove horn from engine mount bracket. Remove two engine support bracket bolts (33) and free bracket assembly from engine.

27. Free throttle cable and support bracket from carburetor. Remove cable from between the cylinders and position cable out of working area (to front of frame).

28. On XLH model, remove battery cover, positive and negative wires from battery terminals.

29. On 1966 and earlier models, disconnect oil vent line (35) at crankcase and remove from motorcycle.

30. Disconnect circuit breaker to coil wire (not shown).

31. On 1964 and earlier XLH model loosen battery tie rod support - right (not shown).

32. On 1967 model remove battery (26), battery carrier (27), and oil tank (37).

33. Remove two top rear engine mounting bolts (36) and regulator ground strap (35).

34. Remove stop light switch (1966 and earlier), rear brake foot lever and spring (38).

35. Remove left footrest (39) from motorcycle.

36. Remove two lower rear engine mounting bolts, (located directly above rear brake crossover shaft).

37. On 1964 and earlier XLH model remove battery wire (red wire with white tracer) and generator wires (red wire with black tracer and black wire with white tracer) from voltage regulator. Free oil switch wire from behind generator (green wire with white tracer).

38. Remove front top engine mounting bolt (23).

39. Engine is now free to be removed from chassis. Install a spare engine support bracket and with a hoist centered directly over engine, attach hook securely to bracket. Lift engine up off the mounting pad. Then, slip engine from left side of chassis, top of engine tipped slightly towards center of chassis.


To install an engine assembly into chassis, reverse the stripping procedure in the following order:

Left side of motorcycle:

Steps 39, 36, 33, 32, 31, 38, 21, 20, 34, 33, 30, 37, 29, 27, 26, 25, 28, 24, 23 and 22.

Right side of motorcycle:

Steps 17, 15. 18, 16, 14, 11. 10, 13. 12, 9, 5, 19, 6, 3, 4, 2 and 1.

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