Spark plug cable Terminal cover (2) Spark coil

4. Mounting screw

6. Washer

2. Cable

4. Cable packing nut (2)

5. Ignition coil

Figure 5G-2A. Ignition Coil - 1960 & Earlier Duo-Glide, 1963 & Earlier Servi-Car, & Sportster

1. Spark plug cable

2. Spark plug cable boot

3. Ignition coil

Figure 5G-2C. Ignition Coil - Sprint

Figure 5G-2B. Ignition Coil - 1964 and Later Servi-Car, 1965 and Later Electra-Glide, & Sportster

Unscrew spark coil cap and pull spark cable from spark coil. Remove rubber seal, seal cover and cap from end of old cable and install on new cable with cap going on first, cover second and seal last. Place rubber seal far enough up on cable so that when installing new cable in spark coil, brass pin inside of coil will pierce cable. Slide cover on seal and secure assembly with cap.

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