1. Tube cap

2. Tube breather valve

3. Tube cap seal

4. Pinch bolt

5. Fork boot

6. Fork side

7. Piston rod retainer

(1967 & earlier) 7A. Spring retainer (1968)

8. Fork tube (1967 & earlier) 8A. Fork tube and shock absorber assembly (1968)

9. Shock absorber (1967 & earlier)

10. Fork spring

11. Tube end nut and shakeproof washer (1967 & earlier) 11 A. Tube end bolt and washer (1968)

12. Fork slider

12A. Fork slider bushing (2)

13. Shock absorber gasket

14. Vent screw and plain screw

15. Boot retainer (upper)

16. Boot gasket

17. Boot retaining disc

18. Boot retainer (lower)

19. Stem sleeve end

20. Upper bracket pinch bolt and nut

21. Upper bracket

22. Upper bracket spacer

23. Stem sleeve

24. Stem and bracket assembly

25. Upper bearing cone

26. Lower bearing cone

27. Ball bearings (28)

28. Steering head cups (2)

29. Drain plug

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 2F-21. Front Fork and Steering Head - Exploded View ing malfunctions previously covered, disassemble fork as described in "Disassembling Front Fork Shock Absorber." Inspect shock absorber giving particular attention to the following parts (see Fig. 2F-24): 1967 and earlier models: Check fork piston rod nut (3) for looseness on rod (12). Make sure recoil valve washer is not cocked in chamfer of piston spacer (6). Examine piston valve surface (9) for excessive wear and looseness in tube (2). Check piston rod guide (11) for excessive wear and looseness on rod (12). 1968 models: Check fit of damper piston (6) in fork tube (8A) and fit on shock absorber tube (7). Check seating of washer (3) on upper and lower valve body faces. Replace worn or damaged parts.

See Fig. 2F-21. Examine fork tube (8 or 8A) for scoring and badly worn sliding surface. Inspect fork slider bushings (12A) in fork slider (12) for wear and scoring. Insert tube (8 or 8A) in fork slider (12), and work up and down. If tube has appreciable play in

2. Filler can 6. Metal tubing

3. Funnel 7. Rubber bottle stopper

4. Metal tubing 8. Fork tube cap

2. Filler can 6. Metal tubing

3. Funnel 7. Rubber bottle stopper

4. Metal tubing 8. Fork tube cap

Figure 2F-22. Fork Filler Can Components - Exploded View slider, replace slider bushings. See "Removing Fork Slider Bushings."

If the front fork has been damaged, check the fork alignment. Inspect fork tubes and the fork stem and bracket assembly (24) for bent or damaged condition. Tubes and fork stem and bracket assembly, that are badly damaged, must be replaced. If fork tube and fork stem and bracket assembly are only slightly damaged, they can be repaired as described in "Straightening Fork Tubes," and "Straightening Fork Stem and Bracket Assembly."


Free headlamp housing from motorcycle and remove fork tube cap (1). Place in vise and break three stake locks securing breather valve (2). Free valve from cap. When reassembling, coat breather valve seat with DuPont Pliobond or a similar sealing agent. Seat rubber valve in cap and stake lock in three places.

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