Mainshaft second gear 14.

Transmission mainshaft 15.

Mainshaft thrust washer 16. Transmission mainshaft roller (23)

Mainshaft low gear 17. Mainshaft third gear retainer ring 18.

Mainshaft third gear washer 19.

Mainshaft third gear 20.

Access cover 21. Clutch gear

Countershaft low gear washer 22.

Countershaft third gear 23. Countershaft drive gear

Countershaft gear spacer 24.

Countershaft second gear 25.

Countershaft second gear 26.

thrust washer 27.

Transmission countershaft 28.

Countershaft low gear 29.

Countershaft low gear washer 30.

Mainshaft ball bearing 31. Mainshaft ball bearing snap ring (2) 32.

Countershaft oiler plug 33.

Countershaft low gear bushing 34.

Clutch gear oil seal Clutch hub nut "O" ring Clutch gear oil seal extension Clutch gear bushing Clutch gear needle roller bearing Mainshaft thrust washer Mainshaft roller bearing race Mainshaft roller bearing retainer ring Mainshaft roller bearing washer Countershaft bearing - closed end Countershaft bearing - open end

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 4D-20. Countershaft and Mainshaft Group - Exploded View

Assemble shifting mechanism to access cover with cap screw (1) and retainer ring (2, Fig. 4D-19). In the same operation, engage shifter fork finger rollers in slots of shifter cam (5).

Install the following parts on mainshaft (2, Fig. 4D-20): Low gear (5), third gear (8), third gear washer (7) and retainer ring (6). Always replace ring (6). Use Sleeve, Part No. 96396-52, to install (6) in groove of mainshaft. This tool prevents the retainer ring from spreading out of shape during the assembly operation.

Insert assembled mainshaft group in second gear (1) and clutch gear (10). Select the thinnest low gear variable washer (11) available and position against shoulder on countershaft. Position low gear (18) on shaft and with a feeler gauge check clearance between clutch faces of gears (18 and 12). Use variable-size washers to attain .038 to .058 in. clearance. Washers are available in .065, .075, .085. .100 in. thickness.

See Fig. 4D-18. With all parts assembled to access cover, except variable-size washers (3 and 19), rollers (4), washer (32) and retainer ring (31), check operation of transmission by shifting through range of gears several times. Then shift into neutral position (between first and second gear positions), and with a feeler gauge check clearance between clutch faces of gears (15 and 12). If correct clearance of .038 to .058 in. is not obtained, it is possible that shifter forks (10) are bent and should be replaced.

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