Sprocket rivet (12) Starter clutch Sprocket bearing washer

(variable-size) Sprocket hub washer Sprocket hub washer pin Clutch gear (push rod)

oil seal Clutch gear extension O-ring

(1966 & earlier) Clutch gear extension

(1966 & earlier) Clutch gear

Needle bearing (1 - 1966 & earlier) Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly. Note: 1966 and earlier parts also used for 1967 XLCH.


Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly. Dip ends of release rods in oil. Insert clutch release rod - left (9) in clutch gear end. Slip release rods (12, 11 and 10) in place from sprocket side in order shown (see Fig. 4B-6). Install clutch parts (10-1, Fig. 4B-8) as described under, "Assembling Clutch."

Assemble clutch release lever and worm (4), spring (5), cover (8), adjusting screw (7) and lock nut (6). Check lever and worm action by moving lever back and forth. Engage cable (3) end with fingers of lever and install sprocket cover (2) with bolts (1). Inject "Grease-All" grease through fitting to lubricate worm.

Check the operation of the release lever to be sure lever returns to stop pin, when clutch hand lever is released. A sticking worm or clutch control cable causes lever to stop short of pin, thus reducing effective clutch release rod travel, causing clutch to slip.

Install footrest, exhaust pipe, muffler and starter crank. Adjust clutch release mechanism as described under "Adjusting Clutch Release Mechanism."

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