Figure 2F-37. 1966 & Earlier Rear Shock Absorber - Exploded View lip of retainer (15). Install front fender. Install front wheel and brake assembly as described in "Removing and Installing Front Wheel," Section 2C.

With fork sides, wheel and fender reassembled, fork should have smooth free movement to either side. If there is any binding, slightly back off the fork stem sleeve (23) until it is correctly adjusted. Be sure not to back it off too much --as there should be no appreciable shake or sideways movement of the front fork. Install and securely tighten the fork sleeve end (19) and the upper bracket pinch bolt and nut (20).

Connect speedometer cable to speedometer head. Install headlamp and wiring panel. Connect wires to panel terminals and ground wire to fork stem and bracket assembly. Install fork panels, headlamp housing, handlebar clamp cover and remaining parts.

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