Inspecting And Repairing Cross Shaft

Examine cross shaft (14) and lever (18) splines for wear and damage. If lever slips on shaft splines when pinch bolt (17) is tight, renew worn parts. Fit clevis pin (16) in rod (2) clevis, and check for worn condition. Replace clevis pin (16) if badly worn.

Check cross shaft (14) bearing surface and compare with shaft non-bearing surface. If bearing surface is not worn, but has excessive play in frame tube, replace bronze bushings (20). Thread tap (3/4-16 thd) into bushing and. from opposite side, drift bushing and tap from frame tube. Press new bushings (20) in place and install shaft (14). Rotate shaft to make sure it is free in bushings. If high spots develop when bushings are installed, ream to size.

Figure 2G-12. Beveling Brake Lining

1. Adjusting screw 4. Transmission sprocket

2. Brake cross shaft arm cover

3. Rear fork pivot bolt 5. Adjusting screw lock nut

Figure 2G-13. Rear Brake Cross Shaft Adjustment

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