Inspection And Replacement Of Parts

Clean all parts thoroughly removing all rust, dirt and gummy grease deposits, especially from plunger inside of grip and handlebar end. Inspect all parts, if any are worn or damaged, replace them.

ASSEMBLY (Fig. 2D-4)

Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly. If control coil has been removed from motorcycle make sure coil end plug (9) is correctly positioned in handlebar end with lock screw registered in groove of end plug.

Apply a light coat of grease or oil to control wire as it is inserted into coil. Insert two rollers (5) over roller pin (4), round side of roller up as positioned on motorcycle. Lubricate handlebar spirals with grease. See "Regular Service Intervals," Section IB.

To start end screw (9) in handlebar, grasp grip sleeve assembly and apply slight pressure against screw as it is being started in handlebar end. This squares screw with end of grip sleeve, aligning threads. Tighten screw securely.

After throttle and spark controls are completely assembled, connect control coil and wire at carburetor and circuit breaker or magneto. Adjust throttle control so carburetor throttle lever closes and opens fully with grip movement. There should be about 1/4 in. between end of throttle control coil and carburetor control coil clip when throttle lever is in fully closed position against its stop.

With circuit breaker in fully advanced position, end of spark control wire should align directly with hole in circuit breaker or magneto connection. Allow about 1-1/2 in. of spark control coil to extend beyond clamp. Adjust spark control so circuit breaker or magneto advances and retards fully with spark control grip movement.

1. Handlebar end screw

2. Handlebar end sere* spring

3. Handlebar grip sleeve

4. Control coil plunger roller pin

5. Control coil plunger roller (2)

6. Control coil plunger

7. Control coil set screw

8. Control wire

9. Control coil end plug

10. Control coil

11. Handlebar end

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 2D-4. Handlebar Controls - Exploded View

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