The Bendix type drive shaft and gear assembly, located in starter housing between starting motor and clutch ring gear, provides automatic means of engaging the starter shaft drive pinion with the ring gear on the clutch sprocket for cranking the engine, and for disengaging the drive pinion from the ring gear after the engine starts.

When the starter motor is not operating, the drive shaft, worm pinion is disengaged from the ring gear.

When the starter switch button closes starting circuit, the solenoid armature shaft (1) pulls shifter lever (2). Fingers on lever engage groove in shifting collar (3) which forces pinion gear (4) into engagement with clutch ring gear (5). At the same time, solenoid also closes starter motor circuit thus turning the ring gear and cranking the engine. After the engine starts and switch button is released spring return on solenoid shaft returns lever so that pinion gear disengages from ring gear and starter motor shuts off. There are matching spiral threads on starter shaft (6) and pinion gear (4) so pinion will shift if mating teeth do not line up for going into mesh. If starter button is not released after engine starts, pinion gear will turn freely by means of overrunning clutch (7) to prevent damage to starter.


DISASSEMBLING SOLENOID: Remove solenoid as follows:

Remove battery cover and disconnect battery ground wire from battery terminal post. Remove cover (1) and disconnect wires from starter solenoid terminals held by nuts and lockwashers (2 and 3).

Remove chain housing cover.

Depress retainer cup (4), remove pin (5) from hole in plunger (11) shaft. Remove spring (6).

Remove solenoid attaching bolts and lockwashers (7) and spacer bar (8). Remove solenoid (13) with boot (9), gasket (10), plunger (11), plunger spring (12).

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