Legend For Figure 3f9e

14. Throttle lever stop screw

15. Throttle lever stop screw spring

16. Bowl mounting screw (4)

17. Bowl

18. Bowl gasket

19. Float nut

20. Float

21. Float valve and seat

22. Float lever screw and washers

23. Float lever and bracket assembly

24. Support bracket nut and lock washer

25. Support bracket

26. Bowl nut

27. Bowl nut gasket

28. Idle tube assembly

29. Main nozzle

30. High-speed needle valve extension housing

31. High-speed needle valve

32. High-speed needle valve packing nut

33. High-speed needle valve packing

34. Carburetor jet

35. Drain plug and gasket

36. Idle passage tube

37. Throttle shaft screw (2)

38. Vent clamp

39. Vent housing

40. Vent gasket

41. Idle bleed tube

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Remove air cleaner cover, air cleaner cartridge and back plate. Turn off fuel supply at valve and disconnect fuel line at carburetor.

Disconnect throttle control wire.

Remove carburetor support (if used).

Remove two carburetor fastening bolts and pull carburetor out.

The DC type carburetor consists of three main subassemblies: throttle body, carburetor body, and bowl assembly.


To disassemble the throttle body, remove three throttle body screws and lock washers (1), body gasket (2), idle hole body plug (3), low-speed needle valve (4), washer (5) and needle valve spring (6).

Remove throttle shaft screws and lock washers (7) and free throttle disc (8) from shaft.

Loosen throttle lever clamping screw (9) from lever (10) and free spring (11), washer (12) and shaft (13) from throttle body. If necessary, remove stop screw (14) and spring (15) from throttle lever.

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