Spark control information applies to models having manual spark advance.

To replace a damaged throttle or spark control coil and wire, proceed as follows:


Disconnect control coil and wire at carburetor or circuit breaker. Remove clip which secures spark control coil to upper frame tube.

Remove handlebar end screw using a wrench and screwdriver as shown in Fig. 2D-3. Sometimes this screw is difficult to remove. In this case, insert a punch in screw slot and loosen screw by striking punch several sharp blows.

After removing grip sleeve assembly, (1, 2 and 3), working parts are accessible. Remove roller pin (4) and rollers (5). Pull plunger (6) with control wire (8) attached, from handlebar end. Wire is fastened into end of plunger by means of a set screw (7). If wire is broken, remove other half from coil at carburetor and circuit breaker connection end.

Figure 2D-3. Removing Handlebar Controls

To free control coil (housing) from motorcycle, remove grip control parts as explained above. Then, remove the small lock screws underneath each handlebar side to free coil end plugs (9). Lock screw on left handlebar side is located underneath horn button. Loosen rear fork panels and handlebar clamp cover from the motorcycle. Remove control coil and end plug as a unit from each handlebar end.

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