If shock cam is turned too far so that it falls off top position it will not be matched correctly with the other cam. To correct this condition, continue 180° in same direction until it falls off again and then adjust to desired position.


Remove the rear wheel as described in "Removing and Installing Rear Wheel," Section 2C. Free brake rod from operating lever and remove brake assembly from motorcycle. Remove exhaust pipe and muffler. Disconnect shock absorbers from rear fork.

1. Pivot bolt

2. Bearing lock washer

3. Rear fork

4. Bearing screw

5. Shakeproofwasher

6. Lock washer

7. Bearing lock nut - right

8. Outer spacer

9. Bearing lock nut - left

10. Pivot bolt nut

11. Bearing inner spacer (2)

13. Bearing shield (2)

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 2F-39. Rear Fork - Exploded View

See order of disassembly, Fig. 2F-39. Remove pivot bolt (1) and lock washer (2) from rear fork (3). Rear fork can now be disassembled from frame. Remove the following parts: Bearing screw (4), bearing shakeproof washer (5), bearing lock washer (6), bearing lock nut - right (7) and bearing outer spacer (8). With a punch turn out bearing lock nut - left (9) and remove pivot bolt nut (10). From inside of fork press or drive out bearing inner spacer (11) and bearing (12), by applying pressure against spacer (11). Press or drive out bearing shields (13) from fork inner side.

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