Once breather valve is correctly timed, position of flywheel timing mark and breather valve timing mark, registered in slot of breather sleeve gear, can be disregarded when installing timing gears.


Install plates (11, Fig. 3D-11) in case recess with beveled side of holes for cam shaft facing outward toward cam.

Lubricate timing gear shafts and position in crankcase with marks on gears 1, 2,3,4 and 5 in alignment as shown under Fig. 3D-18. Install idler gear (7) in crankcase with fiber washer (8) toward the cover side.

Position gearcase cover gasket on crankcase using sealer to hold in place. Be sure to install a new "factory-made" gasket. Never use a "homemade" gasket as cover gasket has holes especially located for oil passages and if a hole is left out or put in wrong place, oiling system will not function normally.

Lubricate the timing gears with a liberal coating of engine oil. Carefully align cover and tap into position. Cover should slip into place easily and should never be forced or driven into place. Tighten all screws evenly, working opposite from one another. Install generator and gasket in place. Tilt generator back end down as it is inserted in gearcase opening to lift oil slinger over intermediate gear, and then up to mesh generator and intermediate gears. Turn engine over to make sure gears turn freely.

1. Rear exhaust cam gear

2. Rear intake cam gear

3. Front intake cam gear

4. Front exhaust cam gear

5. Pinion gear

6. Crankcase breather sleeve gear

7. Intermediate gear (has no timing mark)

8. Intermediate gear fiber washer

9. Generator drive gear

Figure 3D-18. Timing Gears

Figure 3D-18A. Removing and Installing Cam Gear Needle Bearings in Crankcase

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