Extension (6) and cam (4) are matched at the factory according to spline engagement, therefore, they must be used as a set only.

A collapsed or damaged spring (2), will be evident by very turbulent cam action. If this condition exists, install a new spring.


Install sprocket shaft extension (6) on end of sprocket shaft, using Tool Set, Part No. 97081-54, as described in "Assembling Crankcase," Section 3E.

Apply a light coat of grease to shaft extension splines and assemble sprocket (5) front chain and clutch shell together. See "Assembling Clutch."

Install sliding cam (4) on extension (6), being very careful to correctly match like splines to ensure free movement of cam on extension. Assemble parts (3, 2 and 1). Tighten sprocket shaft nut (1) securely, using Compensating Sprocket Shaft Wrench, Part No. 94557-55.

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Figure 4B-13. Removing Sprocket Shaft Extension

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