Clutch hand lever, control coil and cable are available from the factory completely assembled for speedster and buckhorn handlebars.

When installing new cable, lubricate cable with grease as it is being inserted in coil (hand lever end). Correctly position upper cable end in hand lever anchor pin. When reassembling cable ferrule in hand lever anchor pin with side slot, be sure slot is toward inside as shown. Earlier type pin with slotted end should have open end facing downward. Insert felt seal retainer (14) and felt seal (16) on lower cable end. Insert cable end (3) on cable, 7-11/16 in. from lower ferrule as shown in Fig. 4B-6. Cut cable off at end (3). Spread cable strands in cable end countersunk hole and flow a hard solder in hole to securely join together. Engage cable end with fingers of lever. Install sprocket cover (2) with bolts (1). Install footrest, exhaust pipe and muffler and starter crank. Adjust clutch release mechanism as described under "Adjusting Clutch Release Mechanism."


Remove sprocket cover and disengage clutch cable end from clutch release worm and lever (4) as described under "Replacing Clutch Control Cable and Coil."

To free clutch release worm and lever (4) from sprocket cover, disengage spring (5), remove adjusting screw lock nut (6), adjusting screw (7) and clutch release worm cover (8).

If it is necessary to remove clutch release rods, first disassemble clutch parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, Fig. 4B-8) as described in "Disassembling Clutch." Remove clutch release rod - left (9, Fig. 4B-6). Drift release rods 10, 11 and 12, from clutch side to sprocket side. Roll pin (13) is a press fit in sprocket cover.


Thoroughly wash clutch release parts in cleaning solvent and blow dry with compressed air.

Examine clutch release worm and lever (4) for wear in sprocket cover. Too much play at this point will reduce clutch release considerably, causing clutch to drag. Replace parts if badly worn.

Inspect the fingers of lever (4), for engagement with clutch control cable end (3). If worn excessively, replace parts.

Replace spring (5) if worn or damaged, length is approximately 1-25/32 in.

New spring

Figure 4B-7. Removing Front Chain Cover REVISED: 5-68

Inspect the tips of clutch release rods (9, 10, 11 and 12) for scoring or excessive wear. Damage to release rods is usually caused by excessive clutch spring tension.


Transmission - Clutch


Transmission - Clutch

1. Clutch cover screw (12) 14.

2. Clutch cover screw retainer (6) 14A.

3. Clutch cover 15.

4. Clutch cover gasket 16.

7. Pressure plate 18.

10. Releasing disc 20.

11. Friction drive plate (7) 20A.

13. Backing plate 21 A.

LEGEND FOR FIGURE 4B-8 Hub nut (1967 XLH) 22.

Hub nut lock washer 24.

Clutch hub assembly Clutch hub oil seal (1967 XLH) 25. Clutch hub oil seal (1966 & earlier) 26. Clutch hub O-ring (1967 XLH) 27. Clutch shell (1967 XLH) Clutch shell (1966 & earlier) 28.

Clutch hub spacer (1967 XLH) Clutch hub spacer (1966 & earlier) 29. Needle bearing (2 - 1967 XLH)

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