Under no condition, screw valve seat fitting with valve into bowl without first removing bowl from carburetor body, because fingers of nylon lever will be damaged if not properly engaged. To drain bowl, remove drain plug (35).

Check float lever setting with carburetor bowl held upside down, measuring the distance from top of float rod to outer edge of bowl flange opposite fuel inlet fitting as shown in Fig. 3F-9G. This measurement should be taken when lever is at the point where float valve seats lightly. Move float lever up and down to determine this seating point. Note that measurement is taken from outer edge of bowl opposite the fuel inlet fitting. Float rod position from edge should be 1 in. plus or minus 1/64 in. If setting is not 1 in. with float valve closed, adjust slotted float lever bracket.

When correct position of float rod is obtained, tighten bracket screw securely and recheck setting of float rod. Install float (20) on rod, flat side up, fastening with speed nut (19),

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