Pack the two rear fork pivot bearings with fresh grease at 10,000 mile intervals.

With wide side of bearing outer race facing out, tap bearing into fork until flush with inner fork side.

Insert bearing outer spacer (8), shoulder facing in. Assemble and tighten bearing lock nut - right (7), and then back off one full turn. Insert pivot bolt nut (10). With a punch, tighten bearing lock nut - left (9) until snug. Stake lock in three places. Position rear fork in place on motorcycle and at the same time position pivot bolt nut (10), shoulder in crankcase recess. With lock washer (2) in place, coat pivot bolt (1) with grease. Insert in rear fork assembly and tighten securely.

Weigh the extreme rear end of fork by attaching spring scale and raising fork to horizontal position with centerline of frame. Take scale reading and tighten lock nut - right (7) sufficient amount to provide from one to two pounds drag on the bearing. For example, if rear end of fork weighs three and one-half pounds with bearings free, bearings should be adjusted tight enough to increase weight of fork to four and one-half or five and one-half pounds as fork is lifted to horizontal position. Assemble screw (4), washer (5), and lock washer (6).

Install shock absorbers, exhaust pipe and muffler. Install brake assembly and rear wheel. Insert brake rod in operating lever and adjust brake as described in "Adjusting Rear Wheel Brake," Section 2G.

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